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Accredited Consultants Pvt Ltd


We are undertaking consultancy in all sections of the Drug Department and other allied regulatory bodies such as Customs, Directorate of Foreign Trade, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Department of Science & Technology-Ministry of Science & Technology, FSSAI-Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation – Department of Biotechnology, Animal Husbandry and Sanitary Permission – Ministry of Agriculture, and others. We are working for varied Manufacturers, Importers and MNCs for clinical trial permissions, import permits coupled with DGFT permissions for exports and products Registration. We are guiding many companies in preparing dossiers, in preparing the application and other documents and in preparing reply to departmental notices. We attempt to nurture & exploit the maximum possibilities of the law relating to the same. We generally look at the drug regulatory from the angle of custom laws' to avoid future complexity. We believe in working professionally & ethically with sound knowledge on the subject matter. We believe that the task only get completed when tabled perfectly. We are a professional company which has good infrastructure and a large number of working force. Therefore we are regarded as a group who do things differently & make us feel very satisfied.

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CRO A contract research organization (CRO) is an organization supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries by providing professional services by outsourcing research on a contractual basis. They are also highly skilled to support research foundations, institutions, and universities as well as the governmental organizations including National Institutes of Health (NIH) and European Medicines Agency (EMA). The services provided by a CRO include development of biopharmaceuticals and biological assays, commercialization of products, pre-clinical research, clinical research, management of clinical trials, and pharmacovigilance. To perform multitasking in a defined timeline, a CRO is a boon for all the pharmaceutical as well as research needs. However, searching a reliable, certified and skillful CRO needs extensive survey and time. There is no need to worry when ACPL is there to help! ACPL provides a systematic, scientific and synergistic approach to handle all regulatory affairs. We have a set of reliable, industry experts who assist our clients to collaborate the perfect CRO for their needs.
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Drug Registration In Delhi
Drug Registration In Delhi INR 0 INR 0 We provide executive support for Drug , Medical Device and cosmetics registration in INDIA , EU , USA , CIS as well as other Asian Countries. Drug Registration In Delhi, Drug Registration In Noida, Drug Registration In Sonipat, Drug Registration In Ghaziabad, Drug Registration In Mayur vihar. True 1520921129
CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in Delhi INR 0 INR 0 Our experience supported by our team's attention to detail ensures that custom clearance is hassle-free. CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in Delhi, CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in Ghaziabad, CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in Gurgaon, CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in Sonipat, CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in Ghaziabad, CUSTOMS & CLEARANCE HANDLING in India, True 1520921256
IMPORTS & EXPORTS INR 0 INR 0 Be it goods coming into the country or going out of the country, you can always rely on our solutions. IMPORTS & EXPORTS in Delhi, IMPORTS & EXPORTS in Gurgaon, IMPORTS & EXPORTS in Sonipat, IMPORTS & EXPORTS in Harayana, IMPORTS & EXPORTS in Ghaziabad True 1520921410
Pharmacovigilance INR 0 INR 0 We provide our clients with time-saving economical solutions at extremely affordable rates. Pharmacovigilance companies in Gurgaon, Pharmacovigilance companies in Noida, Pharmacovigilance companies in Ghaziabad, Pharmacovigilance companies in Delhi. True 1520921191
Pharma regulatory consultants in Delhi
Pharma regulatory consultants in Delhi INR 0 INR 0 Accredited consultant is one of the leading regulatory consultant service providers in Delhi, India for pharma, food and medical devices. We provide the best consultancy services related to FSSAI, DGFT and FDA. Pharma regulatory consultants in Delhi, Pharma regulatory consultants in Ghaziabad, Pharma regulatory consultants in Noida, Pharma regulatory consultants in Mayur Vihar, Pharma regulatory consultants in India, Pharma regulatory consultants in Gurgaon, Pharma regulatory consultants in Sonipat False 1522316072
Food Licensing & Registration System
Food Licensing & Registration System INR 0 INR 0 This step is taken by goverment's food licensing & registration system to ensure that food products undergo certain quality More information contact us Food Licensing & Registration System in Delhi, Food Licensing & Registration System in India, Food Licensing & Registration System in Gurgaon, Food Licensing & Registration System in Ghaziabad, Food Licensing & Registration System in Mayur Vihar, Food Licensing & Registration System In Noida True 1522316388
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